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All our great tasting and daily fresh baked bread are fortified with the essential vitamins and minerals that we all required to live a healthy life every day.

Mother’s Pride Brown Bread

Our Brown Bread has been a stable for our community since 1979 when we started our business. Our bread has improved since then but we have kept the great taste baked into our brown bread that makes us one of the most popular brands in the greater Jane Furse area.

Mother’s Pride White Bread

Our White Bread is also a very popular choice in our range and it is made with the best ingredients possible. The white fluffy texture and same great taste and freshness of our other bread make this another great option for getting your daily energy intake and making your lunchtime the high point of your day.

Mother’s Pride Power Speciality

Introduced recently our specialty brand has taken our local market by storm. This product just goes to show how local is lekker, birthed right here in Jane Furse, this is proof that together we can do more. Please look for it in our partner sores and discover the great taste and nutrition of the Power Speciality Bread.

Mother’s Pride Low Gi

A few years ago, we decided we need to add one more to complete our Mothers Pirde basket of bread. We worked hard to ensure that we can deliver a quality loaf of bread, our Mothers Pride Low Gi has been given the green light by the Low Gi Foundation of South Africa as well as the Diabetes foundation. If you want a loaf of bread that a dietician would recommend. Try our Mothers Pride Low Gi. What does it mean? It is especially designed to have a low glycemic index (GI) – which means by choosing this bread, you can enjoy a sustained release of energy to avoid rapid spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels.